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By PressCheck Software Inc.
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Imposal™ is specifically designed to simplify all your imposition requirements. Imposal™ is so intuitive and easy to use, that you don’t need to be a math expert, or even a printing expert. You can actually watch your results happen on the screen and submit your file with perfect confidence that your final product will be exactly right. Step-n-Repeat This feature, most commonly used in sheet-fed digital and offset printing, takes any size document and places it multi-up on any size press sheet. Requiring only seconds to do as the pdf is made, Step-n-Repeat also accounts for bleeds, guide, gripper and other layout requirements. Booklet Maker A great enhancement to tradional booklet imposition, Booklet Maker automatically reorders pages for a saddle-stitched booklet while also adjusting for creep. Additionally, other features include selecting the last page as the back cover, single-sided pages, etc. Booklet Maker also provdes the ability to take a regular book that may be printed in a quantity of one and divide it in half to be printed side by side, cut and recombined into the single book. This is a great cost savings for instances where the standard paper size would allow the book to be run multi-up. N-up Pages Providing nearly limitless features, and the most advanced applications available, N-up Pages turns complicated and time-consuming processes into simple and easy tasks. Several examples include: Ordering multiple orders of different business cards, then automatically filling the press sheet to minimize waste. Taking multiple orders of different, two-sided business cards or other items and filling a sheet while placing the second side correctly as well. Ordered sets, such as pre-sorted postcards, imposed in cut-and-stack order to eliminate collating while maintaining sort order. Multi-page documents imposed to be run multiple-up on a sheet so finished documents are properly backed-up and fully collated for one-step cutting and finishing. Masking Tape This feature quickly removes unwanted text or objects such as registration or tick marks. This is especially helpful with uneditable documents. Page numbers are easily removed in one step. Masking tape's "black mask" feature is especially helpful in areas where text is reversed with black background. Overlay For documents that need a watermark on every page or a simple a letterhead added, Overlay imposes one document directly over another one. This action can automatically repeat over multiple pages, left-hand/right hand pages, etc. Reader to Printer Spreads Many books and other multi-page documents are layed out in reader spreads, with graphics crossing multiple pages. Reader Spreads to Printer Spreads separates the reader spreads into individual pages so they can be properly ordered for printing while preserving the multi-page graphic. Insert Page Numbers Not just an ordinary feature, this tool allows the user to select a font, position the page number, add text before or after the number, such as a chapter name or number, choose a color, etc. Other Features Imposal is a complete management tool with the final touches of such features as Shift Pages, Join Pages, Crop Pages, Insert Blank Pages and Reorder Pages.

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