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By Appligent
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The most popular plug-in for stamping text and JPEG images into PDF documents Easily include the Date, Time, Contact Info, Page Numbers, Watermarks, Disclaimers, Bates Numbers or any text that you need, in any font that you want, in any color that you choose. Fully compatible with Acrobat 6.0 Need more than text? StampPDF also allows you to stamp JPEG images anywhere within your documents. StampPDF Plug-In lets you add permanent text or images to any PDF document by just choosing a menu item within Acrobat: No need to launch a separate application. Text may be added in any position: Diagonally across a document as watermarks (Draft or Confidential, for example), or as headers and footers. Text stamps may be made in a variety of fonts and text styles, including color. Information you stamp into the PDF document becomes part of the document and is present when it is displayed and printed. StampPDF allows you to customize the text appearance and position. Specify text size, font, justification, top or bottom placement, diagonal orientation, and whether text is printed on top of or underneath the existing PDF document contents. Text can be stamped in black, white, any shade of gray or any RGB color. Stamping a PDF document is done by entering your text and formatting choices in a dialog that appears when you select a StampPDF command from the Acrobat Document menu. You can save the text/image and formatting choices in a template file for use with other PDF documents. Using this template file automates the stamping process. You simply open the template file and apply it to an open PDF document.

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