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PDF CanOpener

By WindJack Solutions, Inc
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Acrobat Plugin available for Windows 
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PDF CanOpener is an Adobe® Acrobat® Plug-In for analyzing and manipulating the internal COS Object structure of a PDF Document. This is an amazingly useful tool for anyone that uses the PDF Specification in any way. Who can PDF CanOpener help?

PDF Novice: New to PDF and frustrated with the PDF Specification? A primary reason for this is the Spec. is a reference, not a user's guide. In order for it to make sense you need real world examples for comparison and study. PDF CanOpener solves this problem by displaying the Object Tree of a PDF Document in an intuitive and easy to navigate manner. This visualization of how a real document is put together is a powerful aid in helping you understand the PDF Specification more quickly and easily. Document Professional: Are your current tools just not giving you the level of detail you need? PDF CanOpener exposes every detail- fonts, image parameters, stream encodings, page content streams, literally everything in the document. You can find and navigate to objects of interest right from the document display with the object selection tool, or use the search dialog to find all the locations of any indirect object in the document. Every detail of a PDF Document is at your finger-tips. Developer: Need to build or modify a structure within a PDF Document? With the Acrobat SDK, or any other type of PDF development, you are operating partially blind. The results of your software can only been seen by how Acrobat or another viewer displays it. If you need to know what's going on in the document's structure you have to either infer it from other less direct tools or write special analysis code, resulting in a slow cycle of code changes and testing that can take days. PDF CanOpener not only instantly shows you the results of your software at the lowest level, it will even do so in many cases where Acrobat won't display the document. More importantly, PDF CanOpener lets you completely prototype your ideas without ever having to write a single line of code. You have full control to create, delete, rename, copy, and paste any object type anywhere in the document. The advanced stream editor allows you to create streams manually or from existing files, change stream encoding, and write stream contents out to a file in several different formats. PDF CanOpener cuts days of development effort down to hours.

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